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04-01-2011 11:56 hour
ChellyC ( Kelowna , Canada )

We were on our honeymoon when we participated in the bike tour and it was absolutely wonderful! It was a great combination of history, fitness and great company. I would highly recommend this bike tour to anyone visiting the Jacksonville area.

26-12-2010 20:39 hour
OPtraveler51 ( Orange Park, FL )

“An early Christmas present”
e2ride bike tours! This year instead of gifts under the tree I wanted to give experiences and make memories so when my daughter and son-in-law from NYC came for Christmas I was looking for things to do. I found e2ride in a search of "things to do in Jacksonville, FL". Everyone was thrilled with their "gift" and I enjoyed it with them!
I have lived in Jacksonville for 30 years and am ashamed to say I learned more about the place I live in 2 hours with Leigh than I had in all that time. She planned a route for us through the Riverside-Avondale area.
Bikes, helmets, water and snacks were provided. As another reviewer mentioned, for someone who has not been on a bike in 20 year her bikes were comfy and easy to ride.
This will definitely be on my to-do list for guests in the future.
Thanks Leigh!

16-12-2010 10:26 hour
Marcel ( Netherlands )

Last Saturday my wife and I joined the Riverside Avondale Bike Tour together with some other people and we can tell you !!!
This is something you HAVE TO DO when you are in Jacksonville. Beside visiting places you would never see by car it is a nice exercise as well. The bicycles are in great shape and ride really easy. We stopped frequently so Leigh could tell us about the buildings, surroundings and other need to knows. We were impressed by the knowledge
and detailed stories she told us, this guide has done her homework. This tour takes more then 2 hours and we had a wonderful afternoon.

Thank you Leigh !

10-12-2010 12:59 hour
Cheryl ( Jacksonville, FL )

A great way to spend a morning or afternoon in Jacksonville! We found this bike tour while our daughter was visiting and we were looking for something fun to do. It was easy to find, and Leigh provided everything we needed. She is a superb hostess: very well versed in the history of the area, and a fun and easy person to be with. We have already recommended this to several of our friends. We are looking forward to doing one of her other tours the next time we have out of town company.

03-12-2010 07:48 hour
Kristyn P ( Washington DC )

Fall in love with Jacksonville! My parents and sister moved from the D.C. area to Jacksonville, FL when I was adult, and they've lived there for 12 years. Each time I visit from D.C., we struggle with finding a family activity we all enjoy, and I - a self-proclaimed D.C.-snob - have never warmed to the city my family calls home. Thanksgiving weekend, we tried something new - e2ride bike tours - and now I see Jacksonville in a whole new light. While on an enjoyable and leisurely bike ride, we toured the neighborhoods of Riverside/Avondale, admired the architecture, and learned about the city's history and efforts to preserve the St. John's River from Leigh, the warm and knowledgeable tour guide and owner of e2ride. I returned to D.C. with a much richer appreciation for Jacksonville, and having shared a memorable experience with my family.

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