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Olde Mandarin

Olde Mandarin is The Rainforest of Florida's First Coast - (named after the mandarin orange)   You can feel the cool shaded land once called “a tropical paradise” by author Harriett Beecher Stowe on this attraction. Back in the 1800’s Mandarin was a quaint farming community with oranges, cotton, indigo, mulberry, rice and lumber as some of its mainstays.  Steamships brought goods and travelers up and down the docks of the St. Johns River.  The Maple Leaf, a union steamship hit a confederate mine and sank off the banks in Mandarin.

While lined with history of Spanish and British ownership, and stories of Indian tribes both friend and foe, Olde Mandarin’s exquisite fauna and flora make it  beautiful.  The most noted champion of Mandarin is Harriet Beecher Stowe, best known for writing Uncle Tom's Cabin in which she expresses her moral outrage at slavery and its destructive effects on both blacks and whites. She writes of the evils of slavery as unfairly hard on the maternal bonds, as mothers dread the eventual sale of their children.  Uncle Tom’s Cabin went to the “Best Seller” list in the early 1850’s and informed masses of the inhumanity of When President Lincoln met Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1862, he said "So you are the little woman who wrote the book that started this Great War!" referring to the Civil War that abolished slavery.

This spectacular Olde Mandarin attraction is nestled in a historic oak lined neighborhood with Magnolia trees, orange groves, owls, egrets, blue herons, ducks, reptiles, and butterfly gardens.  Mandarin’s natural beauty and historic sites bring visitors from around the world.  Free Parking.  Local museums, a fishing dock, tennis courts, restaurants and parks are available after the attraction.

The Olde Mandarin attraction departs roundtrip from the following:

Heart of Historic Mandarin Parking Lot

12001 Mandarin Road (Lot is on the left, across street from Walter Jones Park at Mandarin Presbyterian WEST Campus)
Jacksonville, FL 32223

Free Parking.   Reservations are required for all tours, and may be made same day if available.  Tour is $60 per rider.  Tour is $35 with your own bike, helmet, water and snacks. Local resident, student, military, and group discounts..

Available Dates: Check Book Online For Availability and to make your reservation.
Hours: Our Office hours are Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm (904) 945-1571 to make a reservation.
Length of Ride: 10 miles with stops at historic and picturesque places en route.
Fitness Level: If you know how to ride a bike, you'll love this ride. Fairly flat terrain.
Price: $60 per rider

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